Humidity, Condensation
Effective repair of concrete with low temperature, high humidity and condensation conditions
Prevent deterioration and neutralization of concrete
Increase moisture resistance and dew condensation
Maintain aesthetic cleanliness
Environmental conditions and facilities status of basement, low temperature, and humid environment
Environmental condition Facility Status Requirements

Moisture condition due to condensation

Peeling and Cracking of Film


Moisture resistance, dew condensation and water resistance should be good

It should be able to be constructed even in high humidity and condensation condition.

Low temperature condition(Below 10℃)

Fungal generation, severe pollution

Partial inundation (biting) should be possible on the floor

No odor after construction and construction

Wetted surface and partially flooded bottom

Concrete neutralization and deterioration

It should be easy to handle the background

Compatible with a variety of compositions (aqueous, epoxy, acrylic, urethane, etc.)

Function of SiliUrethane coating
It has waterproof, anti-neutralization and chemical resistance
Can work even in high humidity, dew condensation and biting
Exceptional in water resistance and chemical resistance
Excellent in workability and economy
No solvent type, no odor
Coating system with low temperature, high humidity and condensation condition
Painting specification(SYSTEM)
Specifications Use Application Coating DFT(㎛) Count DATASHEET
Prevent water and neutralization
Increase moisture resistance and dew condensation

Concrete sealing, waterproof

SFMU-320W primer




Waterproof, anti-neutralization,
ozone resistant, chemical resistant





※ Reference : (SFMU-320C, 50 ㎛ paint) for external conditions (sun exposure)