Storage Tank

Along with the development of industry, the installation of storage tanks such as petroleum, various chemicals, gas, liquefied gas, grain, and feed has been increasing and its scale has become larger. Tanks are rarely installed in the mountains or in the countryside due to their transport and application characteristics. They are often installed close to the shore or in the industrial zone. They are exposed to the environment of the houses, There is a need. The comparison and advantages and disadvantages of the urethane coating are as follows.

Ⅰ. Comparison of background processing
division SiliUrethane construction method Heavy-duty painting method

Patent and Certification

Patent : No.10-0573492
SMBA Performance Certification : 22-075

General method

(1) Inside tank

SSPC-SP-7, Brush-off Blast Cleaning
: Remove only loose rust and hungry artifacts, and do not remove solid artichokes.
: There is no time limit from blasting to painting.

SSPC-SP-10, Near white metal Blast Cleaning
: Over 95% of the surface must be completely removed from visible rust, texture, and foreign matter.
: Within 3 hours after blasting, do not leave 24 hours until the shot coating and top coat

(2) Outside tank

Welding inspection section

Sand blasting or power tool for background processing

Sand blasting

General department

Remove only the loosely formed artwork using abrasive paper, wire brush, etc.
If high pressure water wash is possible, only water wash

Power tool and grinding ground processing

Advantages and Disadvantages

1. Workability,
construction period

- Inside: Extremely convenient, shortening construction time by more than 50%
- Outside: Relatively convenient

- InsideRelatively very difficult and long construction period
- Outside: relatively difficult

2. Economics

- Relatively good

- Relatively bad

3. Subsequent painting operation

- After the base treatment, it can be painted even after long-term neglect (6 months) unless it is contaminated with oil or grease.
-> Because it uses paint for repair paint

- After blasting, short shrimp should be applied within 3 hours or subsequent coating should be performed within 24 hours.
-> Surface contamination and re-grounding treatment when touched

Ⅱ. Advantages and Disadvantages of Painting Specifications
Paint classification

Functional paint for repair paint only

General heavy-duty edible paint (new construction applied to repair)

Patent, performance certification, SMBA development product

General purpose products

Paint type

No solvent formulation, no odor, no solvent evaporation

Solvent type, strong odor due to solvent evaporation

Number of paintings

One or two finishes with the same paint, regardless of the under, middle, or top

3 times (primer, middle, top)

Work safety

No risk of explosion or fire (no solvent)

Fire and explosion hazard / Enclosed space ventilation facility required

Work convenience with no smell (enclosed space)

Ventilation facilities and worker safety measures needed (enclosed space)

work method

Possible with brush, roller and spray

Possible with brush, roller and spray

construction period

At least 30% savings

Relatively long construction period is required

Repainting interval

No recoating interval

At least 24-48 hours per step required


It is economical in terms of total construction cost.

Storage Tank (Inside) Facility Painting System
Painting specification(SYSTEM)
Specifications Use Application Coating DFT(㎛) Count DATASHEET
Inside tank

Maintenance paintings and graphics

SFMU-320W primer







Storage tank (external) facilities paint system
Painting specification(SYSTEM)
Specifications Use Application Coating DFT(㎛) Count DATASHEET
Outside tank

Maintenance paintings and graphics